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It’s difficult when we have a headache and even more so when children have them. This can be all the more disturbing when they start occurring more frequently. Headaches have a way of becoming chronic and may occur every week, fortnightly or every month. Children should not suffer from these symptoms, no matter how frequent or infrequent. If you find a recurring pattern in your child, consult a pediatrician immediately. Try not to worry about them but never leave the issue unattended.

Types Of Headaches
Just as in adults, there are several reasons for headaches in children. These could last for several hours or extend to several days as well. It is important to understand the causes first as the treatment for each will vary:
• Secondary Headaches- Some symptoms are actually caused by other health issues. They may be a result of allergies, a sinus infection, any other infection or even an injury to the head. Once the primary issue has been addressed and treated, the secondary symptoms will automatically go away too.
• Stress- It’s a fallacy that only adults suffer from stress and related maladies. On their level, children too can suffer from stress. They may be worried over a situation in the house or at school. In a situation such as this one, the child might benefit from a consultation with a counselor as well as a medical doctor. In some cases, both these doctors may work in conjunction with each other to treat the child.
• Tension headache- Children too suffer from tension headaches. And it may be a constant one. This will be accompanied by a feeling of rigidity around the head. This kind of head pain may also be accompanied by a neck pain and aching temples. Though it is not very clear what exactly causes these symptoms in young children, it could be attributed to tension in the neck, the jaw or an alteration in the chemistry of the brain.
• Overuse of Medication- Overuse of pain medication can lead to headaches that will take a minimum of 4-6 weeks to disappear. Too much of caffeine intake can also lead to these symptoms in children. This must be discontinued immediately.
• Migraine Headache- This is one of the most common causes of recurring and long-term headaches in children. The pediatrician will be able to diagnose if it is a migraine based on where the pain is located and also the symptoms. A child suffering from migraine will be intolerant to light, suffer from vomiting and nausea and will also have an aura before the onset of the pain. There is certain medication that the doctor might prescribe to manage the pain.
Never ignore headaches in children. Though most are benign in nature, in some cases they may be an indication of a more serious issue.

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