Top 8 Suggested Fruits And Vegetables For A Diabetic Patient

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Most health conditions comes along with the idea of depriving the patients from his/her normal everyday diet, for example,  an individual suffering from some sort of heart disease shouldn’t be seen digesting the same type of food as a normal, healthy individual will do; If not for anything but for the fact that the body chemistry and mechanism of the both individuals isn’t the same any longer.

A diabetic patient is not exempted from this predicament. Diabetics is a group of metabolic disease in which  there is high level of glucose  inside the blood, caused by the malfunctioning of Insulin (the enzyme that  will convert excess glucose to glycogen which can now be stored in the liver to be used when the level of glucose in the body goes down). Diabetics if left untreated can cause complications which can result to death.

Flowing with the topic’s stream, a diabetic patient shouldn’t be seen around certain foods if at all the patient wants his/her diabetic condition lifted from him. Foods that contain glucose should be avoided seriously so as to avoid the increased accumulation of unconverted excess glucose in the body.  But, in our today’s world, is it really easy or possible to see something both nutritious and sugar free to feed on? This is the main reason why such disease conditions like diabetics are very difficult to handle, because while trying to handle the disease through diet, you should also be concerned about your nutritional supplements which your body needs to function properly and keep you alive.

Hence, since the glucose that should act as an angel to the body has choosed to be the devil; courtesy of the malfunctioning of the enzyme, insulin. The diet of a diabetic patient should be made up of mostly fruits and vegetables which are very rich in fiber and also vitamins and minerals which are very important to the body. They should stay away from processed, refined and canned food substances.


  1. Green leafy vegetables which are rich in fiber and vitamins, because they help in managing the glucose levels, and diminishes strings of appetite. Whole grains, sprouts, pulses, broccoli, beans, cabbage, spinach, peas, lettuce, and so forth are most valuable for the diabetics. The fiber rich eating regimen controls the glucose level as well as lessens the blood cholesterol level.
  2. Vegetables like potato, corns, yams, beet roots, and cassava are high in carbs, so these can be kept away or taken in little amounts occasionally.
  3. Sea fishes and sea weeds are extremely gainful for the diabetics, and these can additionally be incorporated in the normal eating methodology.
  4. Fruits such as apples and oranges with high fiber, in the same way as nuts are gainful for the diabetic patients. Almonds, walnuts and peanuts are few of the nuts that can be taken by the diabetics.
  5. Fruits like apples, oranges and others are mainly contain fructose, which does not need insulin for its metabolism. So these can be used in limited amounts. Fruits such as avocado, grapes, guava, apple, oranges and citrus are good for the diabetics. Fruits rich in Vitamin C are crucial for the diabetics.
  6. Juicy fruits are suggested for the diabetics as they are of high water content.
  7. Fruits with high sugar substance like mangoes, bananas, custard apple can be kept away or taken in little amounts.
  8. Fruit juices that are available in the market must be entirely prohibited, as these juices does not have fiber and contain bunches of added sugar.


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