The Onion: Can It Actually Damage Your Eyes?



I know some curious minded readers have clicked on the link to this post because of the nature of the title, the onion. It really sounded like the question’s answer is “yes”.  But just forget about it, onions will not harm your eyes.

The Onions, although they cause tearing of the eye while cutting them will not cause damage to the eyes. The burning and tearing (epiphora) is caused by propanethiol s-oxide, a sulfur compound released as a gas from the onion reacts with the water in your tears to form sulfuric acid. While sulfuric acid can damage the eye permanently, this acid irritates the nerve endingson on the eyes surface, making them sting. the tear gland produces an  alkaline fluid in form of tears that  will always neutralize, dilute  the acid, and flush it out.

The tearing caused by the onion when being cut is difficult and unbearable to deal with, some people will prefer not to put the onion in there meals just because of the epiphora it usually causes when being cut. It blurs your vision, and makes your nose run!  Some techniques are out to avoid the tears. While most of them will work others are just a “somebody told me talks”. What i will tell you is what i have used and still using to combat against the tear.

  • By using either swim goggles, or buy onion glasses. These are clear glasses with a spongey liner around the rim. This keeps the fumes from getting to your eyes.
  •  A cold compress can help to alleviate the symptoms of tearing and burning when cutting the onion. Also to avoid this all together, a cold onion is less likely to cause tearing when cut.

Which method has always worked for you? You put it down on the comment box for us to see.



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