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Why We Should Detoxify Our Body
Many powerful chemicals and toxins threaten our health daily. Toxins in the air and water are only part of the problem.

What we eat and put in our bodies also plays a big role in how toxic our body becomes.

We ingest more chemicals, take more drugs, eat more sugar and refined foods and abuse our body with sedatives, stimulants, over the counter and prescription medication.

All types of diseases are on the rise from arthritis, cancer, heart disease, stomach problems and fatigue to name only a few. Many caused by toxins we should not have floating around in our bodies.

Understanding the best way to eliminate toxins from inside our body is a good start to becoming toxin free.

A toxin is basically any substance that causes irritation or harmful effects in the body and undermining health and stressing our organs and biochemical functions.

Many toxins we ingest get stored in our fatty tissues and in fact toxicity is always associated with obesity. Losing weight is one way to reduce the toxic load
because when we lose fat we also lose the toxins that are stored in the fat.

The reasons for detoxifying are many and include not only weight loss but for vitality and to feel a sense of rejuvenation.

Other reason are to clear annoying body symptoms like sinus trouble, indigestion and constipation and more.
Here are a few main reasons you might want to detoxify:
Clear skin
Slow down aging
Improve flexibility
Improve fertility
Enhance the senses
Feel more relaxed
Feel more spiritual
Feel more productive
Treat certain diseases
Feel more attuned
Improve overall sense of well being
Detoxifying also allows the organs to rest because they do not have to work to digest the food you eat. This increases energy, helps sleep and mood and makes you feel better overall.

The most important reason to do a body detox is to stave off disease. One way to do this is by fasting. You can opt to drink just fresh fruit and vegetable juice for a number of days
or you can chose to do a detox diet where you eat on plain natural foods for a day or a longer period of time.
There are many types of detox diets, such as those that will help you detox from sugar or nicotine, or the general detox diet to clean out your entire system from all harmful toxic materials.

For further info on detox dieting, fasting and special diet plans take a look at:


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