The difference between cancer cells and normal cells

The main difference between cancer cells and normal cells
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A Cell is the basic unit of a living organism, meaning that a cell is the building block of a full organism. In my own understanding; different cells of the same function come together to form a body tissue and different body tissues of the same type and function come together to form an organ then different organs of the same function come together to form a whole system. The  cells that come together to form the skin can be referred to as skin cells, just like that, the cells that will come together to form a bone can be called the bone cells. We also have heart or cardiac cells and so on.

In this post we are going to discuss about the difference between cancer cells and normal cells.  Read along.

The body is made up of trillions of cells of different types which occupy different parts of the body. During the early stages of life, cells divide more rapidly and faster with the sole purpose to bring about growth, but immediately one reaches adulthood and no longer needs to grow, cells now divide to bring about the replacement of dying or worn-out cells. The process by which an individual increase in size right from childhood to adulthood is brought about by the division of this different type of cells in their various parts and locations of the body.

Normally, a cell is supposed to take a specific and systematic path during its life cycle; that is, undergoing cell division when matured and dying off when worn out.  Another thing that a normal cell does is to remain in its particular location in the body together with other cells of its type and function. As stated above, our body cells continue to divide even when we are adults to replace dead and worn out cells which will be ejected from the system at the long run. All this things occur systematically and orderly and it is engineered by the genetic instructions within the cell which regulates the operations and life cycle of a normal cell. The difference between cancer cells and normal cells is that a normal cell is has a  balance between its production, growth, division and death.


What about Cancer Cells?

Meanwhile, a cancer cell on the other hand is a cell also but far from being a normal cell. It is a cell that undergo uncontrolled and rapid proliferation instead of the slow coordinated mechanism of a normal cell. A cancer cell doesn’t follow the path of a normal cell instead they go the other way round. Cancer cells grow and divide rapidly through an unregulated and unsystematic way, thereby altering the balance and normal functioning of the body.  The genetic instructions contained in cells that coordinate the life processes of a normal cell has no power on a cancer cell. Cancer cells are stubborn cells that grow out of control. They will refuse to die when they are supposed to die, instead they continue growing and producing abnormal cells of their type. The main difference between cancer cells and normal cells is that it has the ability to leave its present location, flow through the blood stream and get deposited in another location where it becomes harmful when it starts reproduction of a cell different from the type of cell that originally occupies that part of the body. This process is called Metastasis.

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Cancer cells become cancer cells because of certain DNA damage in the nucleus of the cell. Normal cells can either repair the damage or die off. But cancer cells will neither repair the damage nor die off  but will continue creating cells that has that same damaged DNA; cells that the body doesn’t understand and cells that is of no use to the body. Damaged DNA can be caused by many factors mainly cigarette or hard drug smoking or exposure to radiation or nuclear substances.

When cancer cells come together they form a tissue called tumor. Tumors can replace normal body tissues and pose more threat to the body if not handled properly and early.

Although there are effective methods to combat cancer now but the very best and most effective weapon to do so is the early detection of cancerous cells, this should be when the cancerous cells have not started undergoing Metastasis.


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