The Diet of a Body Builder


Body building is a system that requires a lot of attention if one is to succeed. One of such areas that require much attention is the diet. A body builder’s diet should be all inclusive. It is inclusive in the sense that it should contain that which the body requires in order to build
muscles. This diet must not necessarily be so expensive. In fact quality diet can be obtained from very cheaply available food supply. What matters is that one should have adequate information about the right food. That is why this text is meant for you.
A major diet for a body builder is food rich in protein. Proteins are responsible for building new and replacing worn out tissues. These tissues constitute the muscles, something which a body builder is so much eager to build. It is in that respect that we advise the body builder to be very keen on the supply on the proteins to his body. Meat is the main source of proteins. Other sources include grains such as beans. This food stuff is very much available at the market places and quite affordable.

Creatine is another essential diet for a body builder. It is very useful in that it increases the protein synthesis and minimizes protein breakdowns. This is a very useful step to a body builder who is in dire need of proteins. The major sources of creatine include meat, and fish. One advantage with these diets is that some are two in one. For instance as much as meat will provide proteins, it also supplies the food element which is responsible for the synthesis of the very protein. This shows how cheap a balanced diet can be for a body builder.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) are also very necessary for a body builder. This is one diet which has a lot of functions in the body. It ensures proper development of the immune system. A body builder should have a good immune system in order to be safe from some common diseases. It also supports the digestive system, which is very useful to a body builder. You eat so that the food can perform certain functions in your body. Therefore, if EFA’s, can do the work perfectly, it would be better. The third function of EFA’s is that it provides anti-aging therapy, something which will positively work to the body builder.

The EFA’s also ensures a healthy operation of the brain. Any man requires a sound mind in order to be rated normal, body builder included. He therefore dearly requires this category of food. This diet also provides a circulatory health. Body building is a task that involves a lot of blood flow. The circulation system of the body builder should be superb. Last but not least, it supports a soft smooth skin to the body builder. Body building, as you know is a game that is hard. There is therefore a possibility that the body builder’s skin can be rough due to the hard exercises and tools used. Smooth skin should therefore be guaranteed through a diet. The major sources of this diet are fish, flax seeds, olives, and nuts. Here again you can see another overlap of fish.

Greens, a very common diet supply is also necessary for the body. The main aim is the prevention of the free radical change. Based on the nature of task involved, body building can expose one to a lot of radical changes in the body system.
Minerals are the last group of diet required by a body builder. Most of the minerals are obtained in fruits which are also very available. The roles of minerals in the body are very many and diverse that one can not pick on some only.
With this analysis, it is clear that the body builder has all the opportunity to improve on his exercise with the support of the diet. You don’t need to spend dollars instead you need the facts which I have availed to you.


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