Ten ways to Increase your memory


Are you the one who would forget your head if it
wasn’t attached? Then this top 10 list is for you!
Did you know that most people who start to notice
their memories fading think it is gone forever? You
often hear: “My memory just isn’t what it used to
be.” Which is often followed by “oh, that’s too
bad.” Or something of the sort. What you should be
saying to said person is: “Oh yeah? Why’s that?
There are things you can do!”
It’s true, there are slight and simple changes you
can make that will yield big dividends in your
memory banks.

1) Drink Less Alcohol – Drink in moderation and
you will see your memory improve ten fold. This is
not pertaining to the night out where you wake up
the next morning and cannot remember how you
got home. Alcohol reduces the capacity of many
mental faculties.
2) Depression – If you can treat your depression by
the doctors orders, you will find that your memory
will return to you. Depression is an illness that
attacks on many fronts and is most likely affecting
you in ways that you don’t even realize.
3) Workout – Studies find those who workout
regularly have superior memories over those who
don’t. Exercise stimulates the mind and gets the
blood flowing to the brain.
4) Pictures – Associating an item that you need to
remember with a picture is scientifically proven to
assist you in committing it to your memory. The
next time you need to remember your briefcase,
picture it regularly throughout the day.
5) Focus – Studies have shown that it takes at
least 8 seconds to move something from your
short term memory to your long term memory. If
you just glance at something, you aren’t allowing
yourself the opportunity to store it.
6) Say it out loud – Repeating things out loud to
yourself assists in storing it in the memory banks.
This is not a college myth, talking to yourself and
repeating things over out loud does yield results.
7) Sections – Block numbers up into sections, like
phone numbers to help with committing them to
memory. The easiest way to picture this is a phone
number or a social security number.
(555)-555-5555 or 555-33-2222.
8) Location – Associating tasks with locations
makes it easier to store things in memory. If you
need to remember to stop at your parents house
after work, try associating it as “I need to stop at
my parents in Yorkshire.”
9) Bread Crumbs – Leave yourself clues. If you
need to remember to return a library book, set it
on top of your keys the night before. If you need to
buy toothpaste, leave the empty container out.
10) Repeat – Practice all of the above on a regular
basis and as you get used to doing these things, so
will your brain!
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your memory? A supplement is most likely in order!
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