Does Smoking Cigarette Really help to loose weight?


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Like seriously, does smoking cigarettes have any health benefits? Over the years, many individuals have allowed their minds to ply through the paths in search of an answer to this particular question but on getting to the junction they’ve always walked back to their starting point disappointedly with the answer: long-term smoking is highly a first class ticket to death. But unfortunately, even with the ear deafening bells being rang by medical practitioners who are trying to make smokers deviate from their smoking habits, smokers still go around ears blocked, some forcing themselves to believe on illusions that smoking do have some benefits to health.

A study from a  University located  in  Adelaide Australia on the issues of Arthritis and Rheumatism stated that men who smoke has a lesser risk of undergoing total joint replacement surgery than those who don’t smoke. When the researchers were asked to explain the connection between knee replacement surgery and smoking, the greatest explanation they could conjure  was that knee replacement surgery was more predominant in joggers and the obese, and because most smokers rarely jog and are less likely to be obese. After some years, the researchers were left with no meaningful fact to back up their research. Maybe they would have being okay to say that nicotine in cigarette helps prevent cartilage and joint detoriation.

On the other hand, pointing towards the title of this article, does smoking cigarette helps one lose weight? People hold fast to the fact that the nicotine in cigarette acts as an appetite suppressant which is the mechanism by which many weight loss supplements operate on. So to say, cigarette smoking can help lose weight.  In this article, we are going to see if this fact is true, or is it still one of those underground researches like the one above that holds on to feeble facts and will disappear into the thin air when its credibility is further questioned.

Disappointedly, the link between smoking and weight loss has being scientifically backed up and approved by many researches and facts. Not only that nicotine contained in cigarettes acts as an appetite suppressant and reduces intake of food smoking on the other hand can really bring about weight lose in some people by adversely increases the metabolism of the human body, that is the rate at which the body burns calories. Smoking also causes the blockage of taste buds on the surface of the tongue, inhibiting the smoker’s ability to acknowledge the taste of meals; thereby the smoker looses the appetite to eat so easily.

See how cigarette smoking affects the human sense of taste

For years, the cigarette manufacturing companies have utilized this fact as a means to advertise their product and the people so obsessed to weight loss have giving up their guide and embraced the habit of smoking.

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Smoking has so many side effects, I bet you the disadvantages of smoking surpass the advantages, if you are really anxious to lose weight, don’t allow  the idea of smoking step into your list of choices to consider, not even the beginning letter, “s” to talk more the whole word “smoking cigarette”. Weight loss can be brought about by other means so easily than smoking cigarette. You can consider starting from eating less and exercising more and then finally eating nutritious less cholesterol meals, avoid stress and so on.

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    • Thanks alot for your awesome contribution, smokers know about all the side effects of this bad habit and how harmful it is their health but they will still keep on smoking, all i wish for is that the warnings from medical personnels and also people like you will finally find a home inside their ears and push them to see the reason why they should quit smoking at all cost. thanks alot one more time


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