Skin Care – 3 Powerful Secrets For Getting Rid of Acne Naturally


How badly do you want to get rid of acne naturally? To have that glowing, smooth, beautiful skin? You will do whatever it takes to have that skin you once had when you were a little boy or girl. I knew of many female friends of mine, years back in primary school they had this great and wonderful skin. So many of them i latter saw during my secondary school was like they added some epidermis to the large ones they already possessed. Sometimes i will tease my friends that they need some six inches concrete nail and a hammer to strike open their pimples, lolzzzzz. Normally i wouldn’t say that if i am suffering from acne too. I have got a great skin, wonderful to see and i am about to let loose the secrets i used to stay away from acne mostly during my teenage age . This article will provide you with 3 of my top tips to put you on the holistic pathway to clear skin.

Tip #1: Sunlight is absolutely essential for clear skin. Sunlight naturally produced the most important Vitamin for our bodies, D3. Avoiding the sun is like drinking pure sugar for breakfast. Both lead to acne breakouts. If you live in a cold climate then take a Vitamin D3 supplement during cold months.
Tip #2: Smile often. There is nothing more beautiful then a nice smile. Whether you have 1 pimple or 1 million pimples; a smile will go a long way. A smile creates instant happiness inside your body and relieves stress. Some people have acne simply due to stress – is this you? People will love you if you smile.
Tip #3: Laugh as much as possible. Laughter is known as the best natural medicine. So, why not use it to your advantage? Watch funny videos online, think back to a funny moment, have a sense of humor in life in general, or just burst out laughing. You will feel alive and well allowing your acne to natural begin healing.
I have a couple hundred tips that I could throw at you. This article consisted of 3 of my most powerful tips that will enable you to start your holistic journey to clear skin in the right direction. I will be posting the rest from time to time, but meanwhile, tell us about your ordeal with your acne, how you got rid of it or how you are walking to get rid of it. Oh! lest i forget, i want to ask a question, do you think eating too much groundnuts is the cause of the pimples in our faces?
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