The Relationship Between Ovulation, Mentrual Flow And Safe Period



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While I was processing this present article, the first title that bumped into my head was “how to calculate your safe period”. But on a second thought I gave up on the title since I needed something more common, interesting and something that our ladies will understand by just glancing at.  This three terms are women’s most important words, if not for anything but for the fact that all they live for depends on them. A woman can never live a comfortable live except she has a crude knowledge concerning this three terms. They are inter-related because before you can even think of getting pregnant you have to understand what ovulation is all about. Hence, to understand and be able to know when your ovulation comes up in each menstrual cycle you have to know when to start expecting your monthly menstrual flow. In this single post, i will wholeheartedly show you what they are all about and everything you need to know about them.


This is the periodical release of an egg/ovum from the ovary. In a female’s ovary, there are about 200,000 potential eggs called primary oocytes at this stage. Among this huge number of eggs, only 400-500 eggs will eventually develop into mature ova during a female’s active reproductive life which begins from puberty to menopause.
During ovulation, only one egg is released from either of the left or right ovaries, except in the case of non- identical twins. The released egg remains at the proximal end of the fallopian tube waiting for a sperm cell to come and fertilize it.

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This occurs after the egg has waited for a sperm cell to fertilize it, when none of these sperm cells  shows up, the lining of the uterus which has being prepared to accept a fertilized egg is destroyed together with the egg and they flow out as blood through the vagina. One of my teachers termed it, “weeping menses”. During this period, both the egg and the already prepared walls of the uterus (Endometrium) are destroyed and washed away as the menstrual flow through the vagina. Every mature woman has her own specific date in which the menstrual flow kicks off. Any day that has being naturally assigned to you, the menstrual flow will always last for 4 – 5 days and when that is concluded, your safe period kicks off immediately.

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Just as the name sounds “safe period”. Of course everybody likes anything that is safe because safe means “no danger involved, you are totally free to go ahead with anything you like and no harm will fall upon you. That is exactly what the word “safe period” means.

The safe period I am referring to in this article is the period where the female’s reproductive system is at rest, i.e. on vacation. Just like a shop keeper will turn the sign post on his/her shop’s door from “open” to “close”. That is how the female’s reproductive system will put up a sign post “closed for the period” for any invading sperm cell that has it in mind to fertilize any egg first before others.

During this period, the body will turn its tap of menstrual flow off. These period starts immediately after the menstrual flow must have stopped flowing. The menstrual flow starts from the first day and lasts for 4 – 5 day. The intermediate days counting from the final day of the menstrual flow to 14 days, that is your safe period. Any unprotected sex during this period comes out without pregnancy as the body has not released another egg to be fertilized and the walls of the uterus has no endometrium (The mucous membrane that lines the walls of the uterus in which the fertilized egg (zygote) implants itself). Both the egg and the endometrium has be destroyed and pushed away as menstrual flow.


    • Hello Ruka, your ovulation period will be coming up around 10-12th of February, reason being that immediately after your menstruation which lasted for 4 days, the following 14days is your safe period and your ovulation period kicks in immediately after the safe period.


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