Priaprism: The Side Effect Of An Erectile Dysfunction Drug



Priaprism can be defined as a persistent, painful penis erection that lasts more than four hours and it occurs in the absence of any sexual simulations. This condition occurs as a result of blood being trapped in the penis and unable to drain away from it. For an erection to occur there must be either a physical or mental stimulation which will send impulses to the brain, the brain interprets the impulses being sent to it and sends back impulses to the penile nerves which will now direct the dilation of penile blood vessels and blood flows freely into the penis filling up every nukes and crannies it was supposed to feel up. Strong pressure builds up, causing the blood to be trapped inside the Corpora cavernosa (the two cylinder shaped chambers which runs the length of the penis and has a maze of blood vessels and cavities). The penis stands and remains erect for the effective penetration of a females vagina.

Under normal conditions, at the end of the whole game, the blood trapped inside the penis is supposed to leave the penile region and continue its course through the body back to the heart, but it remains trapped inside there much longer than normal which will lead to decrease in the supply of blood to other important parts of the body, especially the brain. This condition is what we refer to as Priaprism and it can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction and in some cases of excessive prolonged priaprism, death might occur.

What is the cause of Priaprism?

  • Sickle Cell Anemia: An approximately 42% of adults with sickle cell disease will experience priaprism. Most cases of Priaprism are caused by the sickle cell disease.
  • Truama or shock to the spine and genital area
  • Poisonous insect bites like spiders (black window specie)
  • Excess Inhalation of carbon monoxide
  • Drug abuse: The final and the most common cause of priaprism is the use and disuse of drugs. Drugs like marijuana, cocaine and also drugs used to treat depression and mental illness can cause priaprism. The medications that claim to cure erectile dysfunctions can also cause priaprism. This is the type of medications that this post is focusing on.


These days most of this medications parade themselves around the internet, they appear as creams, pills and food supplements. As a blogger and affiliate marketer I will tell you that they sell the most and move the health market because erectile dysfunction is not what any man can endure to live with. They are apparently on high demand. People patronize the marketers just because of the sweet and attractive way they make the whole of their marketing process look. While most of these products will work and give a relief to men that are suffering from impotency so many others will not and your money will just be flushed down the drain.

Whilst, an erectile dysfunction drug can be either naturally made or made from synthetic chemical substances. The synthetic ones, sure contains harmful chemicals and health bodies in various countries has warned against using them. But an erectile dysfunction whether natural or not can be ladened with side effects like Priaprism. Most of the few products that works make use of only one common mechanism, which is to use certain substances contained within them like, phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors which increases blood flow to the penis by working in collaboration with other substances to increase nitric oxide in the body which open up blood vessels so that blood can flow freely into the penile region.


In as much as the side effects are inevitable before you consider using an erectile dysfunction cream, pill or supplement endeavor to seek your doctors opinion because he knows what works and what doesn’t . And in case if Priaprism or any other side effect arises, he/she will know where to start helping you.



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