Missed Menstrual Cycle: 5 Reasons Your Period Isn’t Showing Up As Usual



Have you ever imagined the disappointment that crops up on your face when you are fetching water from a tap and the water suddenly stops rushing? You will immediately try to figure out the reason why the water stopped rushing out from the tap, firstly, you will check if the source of the water being tank still contains water and all. Depending on how urgent you’ve anticipated using the water you will surely be disturbed and the much trouble comes up when you have to retire back home with a half filled bucket or an empty bucket.

Okay, enough of the imagination! I just used the paragraph above as an example, try to use it and relate to the problem of waiting for your menstrual flow and nothing was showing up for like 3 cycles. Damn! That alone can give you sleepless nights. I bet you the first assumption that will hit an average woman’s reasoning will be that she is pregnant; even if she hasn’t s slept with a man all these while she will zoom off to the doctor to check her pregnancy status. That’s so normal, very normal, even a doctor will advise you to check your pregnancy status and ask about your age  after giving ears to your complaint. That is because pregnancy and menopause  are  the only normal natural condition that can cease your menstrual flow, all other factors withholding the flow of your menses is a problem and needs to be perused and checkmated before it gets out of hand.

So now, you’ve gone for several pregnancy tests and they’ve all certified you negative. You still can’t see your menses and you are not pregnant. You are currently confused, freaking out because you don’t have anything to hold on to at this point of time, no menses and no pregnancy. Sleepless nights sets in, you think a lot. You will keep asking yourself “oh my God what is wrong with me?” Who will answer your question? Who will come and tell you what could be your problem?  Assuming somebody can just give you tips to open up your taps again. You will feel relax and feel like a woman ones more, after all what is a lady without an active menstruation cycle?

Lets come down to business, as I mentioned earlier, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause  are  the only factors that God has permitted to naturally cease your menses. Yes, quote me wrong if you can! Other factors are just problems that have being caused by several conditions you have exposed yourself to consciously or unconsciously.  This can fall on any woman at any period in time, it can be a meager problem or so serious that will take miracles to fix. This is why the knowledge of the factors that can cause seizure in your menstrual flow comes in handy. Other abnormal factor that can cause seizure in your menstrual flow includes:


Usually one of the frontline factors, hormonal imbalance can cause a woman to miss her periods, maybe caused by tumors in the pituitary gland or thyroid gland problems. Some drugs that affect the hormones can alter its functions and cause confusion to the body’s reproductory  mechanism.  Antipsychotic drugs, Blood pressure drugs and mostly birth control pills which can cause the problem if stopped suddenly.


Our body is very sensitive to its wellbeing, any slightest change will surely bounce back to disrupt its functioning, this is the relationship between stress and your menstrual flow. Worrying about something for so long can cost you your menstrual flow for that particular month and months to come if you don’t stop worrying and putting anxiety and stress on yourself.  Stress suppresses the functioning of the hypothalamus, (the part of the brain that houses the pituitary gland and controls it). The pituitary gland on its own is the master gland and controls all other gland in the body. If you‘ve being following you will notice that we are now talking about Hormonal Imbalance again.


We worry because of our weight just because of two things, our health and our physical appearance, but being overweight has so much above this two things because it can also affect the regulation of your  menstrual flow.  According to Maria Arias, MD, a gynecologist at Atlanta Women’s Specialists in Georgia, she stated that basic cholesterol compounds in fatty cells can be converted spontaneously into a type of weak estrogen called estrone. Overweight or obese women carrying extra fat cells have “little estrone-making factories, which have an estrogenic effect on glands. This additional estrogen can cause menstrual disorders.


Too much exercise to lose weight and for body fitness can also be a factor that causes problems in your menstrual cycle.  Too much exercise can trigger an effect that suppresses the hypothalamus.


Infections can also cause missed menstrual flows, some bacterial infections if left untreated can tamper with your reproductory system and when this happens you shouldn’t expect your menstrual flow to be as normal as before.

Missing your period 2 -3 times in a row can raise a cause for concern, and when this happens, seeking the doctor is the best solution. Don’t follow assumptions and advice from friends, just move forward to your Doctor. That’s my two cents!


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