How To Get Rid Of Dry, Cracky Feets

Time after time any of us has experienced dryness of feet and even appearance of cracks. Depending on problems
with separate organs or health of the whole body, dry skin can appear in different areas throughout the body. As for dry feet, very often cracked skin or calluses is the reason. The problem of dry skin is known as xerosis. It can be considered as a cosmetic problem until it transforms into something more serious as for example itchiness, pain and even secondary infection. Skin thickens and becomes dry also because of some other reasons, such as problems with veins on legs, allergy, irritation, athlete`s foot and psoriasis. As for one of the most widespread reasons of dry skin on a child`s feet is atopic dermatitis.Basic causes of dry skin:
Very often physical stress may provoke dryness
of feet. When it is hot inside your shoes, then
water is lost and it results into thickening of
skin`s top layer. Heat and humidity are
dangerous especially when shoes are too tight.
Temperature may increase up to 120 degrees.
Some cosmetic products such as soaps, for
example, are removing oils from your skin and it
becomes dry. It happens because oil balance of
skin is violated.
Various diseases may cause this problem.
Diabetes and unhealthy diet are among them.
Lack of vitamin A or some acids such as alpha-
linolenic acid (ALA) and gamma-linolenic acid
(GLA), can be very serious reasons. Crohn’s
disease that provokes digestive disorders may
lead to lack of these components.
Over the time our organism becomes exposed to
hormonal changes. Because of this fact
regeneration of skin cells is reduced and it results
into thickening of a layer of skin called stratum
corneum. Because of aging protective fat on our
feet become thinner. Because of its loss, skin
stress increases and cracks and calluses appear.
Condition of skin always becomes worse during
winter time. It is cold outside and home heating
makes the air dry which also influences our skin.
If creams and lotions don`t help you to cure
cracks and calluses then you should immediately
visit your podiatrist. He will help you to identify
the primary reason of these problems and will
prescribe you medications that will cure
secondary consequences. You shouldn`t worry
because calluses can be easily removed by him.
It is a very good way to improve the outlook of
your feet and avoid problems which may take
place in future. If you have extremely dry skin on
feet then he may prescribe some strong
moisturizing creams which consist of various

Healthy and beautiful feet:
To avoid or to get rid of problem of dry feet you
should use your foot cream systematically. It
would be great if it contains – hydroxy acid,
because it helps to peel dead cells and to make it
easier to moisturize deeper layers of skin.
Lanolin is an effective barrier which moisturizes
your skin and consequently it is very useful for
cracked feet. This ingredient is well known as a
product for breastfeeding mothers, but it can be
used by everyone.
If you have an allergy then you should choose
hypoallergenic cosmetics or products which are
intended for sensitive skin.
To remove rough areas from your feet you should
use pumice stone after bathing or just foot bath.
It effectively removes calluses and dead cells
from the layer of skin and it improves outlook of
your feet. In case if skin is too dry you can use
loofah sponge.
Intake of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and gamma-
linolenic acid (GLA) can improve your skin due to
decrease of water loss. They are contained in oil,
nuts and primrose oil which is usually consumed
in capsules.


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