How To Eliminate Body Odor For Good



After taking our bath we expect to feel fresh, clean and these feelings should bring up enough confidence in us to carry out our daily activities properly.

No matter how clean we will look, you should all know that everybody have his or her own particular scent, that is why Dogs can track a particular person by scent. The awful smell that will develop in some people doesn’t mean that they are the dirtiest of all, it doesn’t mean that they find it hard to take their bath, but it is due to some medical reasons. Funny as it may sound to you, the people with body odor will be unable to perceive their body odor because they are living with it and the part of their brain that takes care of smell is already used to the smell and it is no more sensitive to it.

In humans, bad body odor is mostly cause by the excretion of sweat from the sweat gland and bacteria activities. Bacteria exist on almost all parts of the body ranging from the Armpit, Groin, under the feet Anus etc.

There are two most common sweat glands in the body, Eccrine and Apocrine glands.

They are distributed all over the body, they produce sweat that is mainly salt and water. This sweat helps keep your body at the right temperature. There is more than two million Eccrine glands in your body and when they produce sweat and the sweat evaporates, this causes the body to cool off.

They are limited to the axilla (ampits) and perianal areas of the body (areas around the anus). They contribute a little to the cooling of the body.

Causes Of Body Odor
Sweating is our body’s mechanism to regulate our temperature. While sweat itself is virtually odorless, bacteria
use it as a breeding ground and multiply rapidly. The sweat from the apocrine glands is the big problem with body odor as eccrine gland produce sweat that is mainly of salt and water.
Bacteria feed on the oily, milky secretions that comes with the apocrine sweats and with time they excrete their waste products on your body which produces that distinctive fetid aroma that announces your presence before
you enter a room.


Trim The Hairs On Your Hair Parked Regions:

Always trim the hairs on the odor producing regions, which includes: the underarm and groins. This is because the milky, oily and sticky sweat produced by the Apocrine gland will always stick on the hairs found around the hair-parked areas.

Taking Your Bath Regularly:

The activities of the bacterias causing the apocrine sweats will be reduced drastically if you take your bath often, atleast three times daily. Research has it that it takes bacterias about 20 minutes to conclude the digestion of protein in our apocrine sweat, so the sooner you wash them out the lower the chances of the bacterias emptying their guts on our body. Wash your clothes too.

Applying Antiperspirant or Deodorant:

Another popularly known elimination technique used all through the years was Antiperspirant . The  Antiperspirant’s mode of operation in checkmating body odor was made possible because  it contains chemicals such as  aluminum chloride or hydroxide which when  it gets into the skin and it will cause the sweat pores to swell and finally closed.

When this happens, little sweat will be produced and there will be a  little breeding space for the bacterias. A normal Antiperspirant contains 12 percent of aluminum chloride.

Deodorants contain some chemicals like triclosan, it is an anti-bacteria inside the deodorants that makes the environment under your armpit inhabitable for the bacterias. If you want to go natural, without all these chemical stuffs, you can go for deodorants that make the underarm too salty for the bacterias to live in. But due to skin irritability you will have to choose the mixture that is suitable for you.

Are You A smoker? Stop Smoking.
It is very hard to find a smoker that doesn’t bear the normal stench smell of tar on his body. The smoke from cigarette causes cigarette smell to attach to your clothing, making it very hard to put up any decent smell afterwards. It can negatively affect your personality as hardly will you see anybody that will be that comfortable to sit around a cigarette smoke smelly guy. Stop

Always Go With A Handkerchief
it is a useful item to carry when outdoors. Wipe the perspiration off yourself with your handkerchief.
It will give you room to feel dry and free from perspiration which will usually be the breeding ground for bacterias.


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