Heart disease – know the signs,causes and effective treatments.


Because of y fast paced societies and stressful
lifestyles, everyone has to be aware of heart
disease as it has become the world’s number 1
killer. Every year millions of people die due to heart diseases. Coronary heart disease is
responsible for more than half of the deaths caused
by heart disease. This afflicts both men and
women, and now it is even common to see young
people seriously impacted by life threatening heart
A comprehensive health study conducted in the
United States showed that 715,000 people have
their heart attacks each year for the first time.
Among them, 190,000 have already suffered a
heart attack priviously. Though heart disease is
common to everyone, some ethnicities suffer more
from heart conditions than others. This is probably
due to cultural, lifestyle, diet, and life pattern

Early Action Is Critical
Though heart disease cannot totally be prevented,
its severity can be minimized and the age at which
it occurs can be postponed considerably. Heart attacks can cripple a person for life and can occur at any time. The heart will give warning signs and these signs must be taken very seriously.
A survey taken in the United States shows that
more than 47% of those who suffered a heart
attack died before they reached a hospital. This clearly shows that most people do not take the
early warning signs of heart disease with the
seriousness it deserves. In this context, it is
necessary to know the early warning signs of a
heart attack and take action immediately as it is
the deciding factor that is going to determine life
and death.
The most recognized early warning signs are:
-Severe and sudden chest pain
-Severe and increasing discomfort in the chest area
-Unexplained upper body pain with increasing
-A lumping feeling in the upper stomach area
-Discomfort in back, neck, jaw and arms especially
the left arm
-Shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing
-Nausea and feelings of vomiting
-Light headedness with profuse cold sweating
When you have some of these symptoms, don’t
ignore them! Take immediate action and get the
emergency room fast. Do not allow the “number 1
killer” to take your life please!
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There are many abounding factors affecting causes
of heart attacks. It is very important for you to also
know and understand these so you can change
your lifestyle and prevent the causes of
heart disease.
-High cholesterol can be acutely dangerous, and can
cause hardening of the arteries, which sequentially
can advance to blocked coronary arteries.
Cholesterol is a blubbery wax-like mass that is by
itself present in everybody, and your body makes
use of this cholesterol to create some hormones. If
your bloodstream contains to much cholesterol
then any surplus may be dumped in the arteries of
the heart stuck to the walls, which in can advance
the onset of heart disease.
-Diabetes is an addition factor in the causes of
heart attacks. Type two diabetes usually comes
about through being overweight, because of poor
diet and eating too excessive amounts of sugary
foods. The fat from this ailment is captivated into
the blood flow, and over time the blubbery
substances body up in the arteries. Often people
with arteries that are so blocked then require
bypass surgery to maintain the blood flow.
Hypertensive heart disease is usually acquired by
continual high blood pressure, as this can affect
the myocardial structure and coronary vascular
structure of the heart.
-The carcinogens in cigarettes are one of the major
causes of coronary heart disease. There are
substances that are in the cigarette which get into
the blood stream. As a result, the blood becomes
contaminated. As the blood is pumped through the
heart, the nicotine from the cigarettes can thicken
the blood, which can cause clotting. Also, the
nicotine will advance in the valves traveling to the
heart, which increases the chances of getting heart
Learn to live a healthy lifestyle, eat plenty of fruit
and vegetables and avoid processed sugary foods
and foods that contain high levels of saturated
fats. Try to get some exercise every day even if it’s
just walking for 30 minutes a day.
Keeping your heart healthy is a life long commitment but it is never too late to start taking care of your body.
Just making small changes in your life every day
can help you to prevent the causes of heart

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