Glaucoma Patients May Be Risking Their Eye Sights For These Activities




Glaucoma is an eye disorder that affects the optic nerve. It is congenital and sufferers may not have any visible symptom in the long run and may not be noticed until later in life.

It is mainly associated with the build-up of increased pressure in the eye called, intra-ocular pressure. The pressure builds up when the liquid in the eye doesn’t drain properly. The eye was designed in such a way that it contains a lot of water. A clear liquid could be seen in front of the eyes, the liquid constantly circulates throughout the eyes, making the components of the eye work properly, help the eye retain its shape and delivering nutrients to the different, tiny components that make up the eye.

When the liquid is due for change, the liquid is supposed to be drained into the bloodstream through a small sieve-like drainage tube structure called the trabecular meshwork. It is then transported away from the eye compartment; giving way for a new, fresh one to take over. But the different between a glaucoma sufferer and a normal glaucoma free individual is that the liquid finds it hard to leave the eyes causing the accumulation of the liquid the eyes. With time the build-up of the liquid gets to an extent where the pressure it imposes on the eye affects the optic nerve and if not checkmated, the optic nerve dies off leading to loss of sight.

Here is something to worry about: During glaucoma, the eye is just normal, with no significant change to say. Most individuals suffering from glaucoma will go on with clear eye sight, some with the sight stronger than the non-glaucoma sufferers. The problem there is, when symptoms starts showing up, the optic nerve has being fully or partially damaged.

Glaucoma is a silent killer of the eye which can be made worst and fastened when the sufferer engage in some activities that will trigger the increase of pressure in the eye and facilitates the destruction of the optic nerve. Any activity that gives room for the increase in the pressure of the eye affects and is very harmful to a glaucoma patients.

Glaucoma sufferers who happen to be weight lifters, play musical instruments like trumpets and other instruments that require blowing and the control of breath. According to a research in the journal Optometry and Vision science in 2008 which states that blowing and breathe control to a glaucoma patient is a risk factor because straining while holding your breath constricts blood vessel in the chest, neck and head and all this raises the pressure in the eye.

To stay on a safer side, glaucoma patients should go for eye check-up very often and the optometrist will prescribe a daily dosage of eye drop which will improve drainage and reduce the amount of fluid produced. Or more especially, a surgery will help to open up drainage holes.


Glaucoma patients and individuals with the history of glaucoma running through their blood should endeavor to visit an Optician regularly, at least 2-3 times in a year.

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  1. Glaucoma is not eye friendly at all, but the goodnews is…our opticians are up to it.

    My girls friend had her eye operated upon cos of glaucoma.

    If you eat lots of carrot, you may stand a lower risk of developing this life challenging issue.

    • Thanks for your contribution lilly, while a diet of carrots wont give a blind man his vision back but the nutrients found in carrot, like the beta carotene will help improve overall eye health. thanks for dropping by. Remain blessed.

  2. Hello Jay, You really mention some important part about glaucoma..

    Glaucoma is usually a condition that causes harm to your eye’s optic nerve and gets worse as time passes. It’s often associated with a buildup of pressure in the eye. Glaucoma tends to become inherited and may not display until later in lifetime.


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