Get Rid of That Nasty Cough for Good!


A cough, especially a persistent one, can be quite troublesome and uncomfortable. Coughs can be caused by an excess of population or by consuming sweets or extremely cold substances. Coughing is also considered by many as a way for the body to remove harmful viruses and mucus which may have accumulated in the throat. While some prefer having a glass of warm brandy to sooth the throat during the winter months, some
prefer to opt for cough syrups that could also provide relief. However, the problems with cough syrups is that they contain a certain amount of alcohol that can make you feel extremely drowsy, leaving you with the desire to sleep.
Listed below are some home remedies to get rid of that persistent cough that you may be dealing with:
You could always opt to add some maple syrup to baking soda mix to help stop the cough. However, make sure that you only have a tablespoon of the mixture.
Take at least 2-3 cloves of garlic and boil them in milk for around 2-3 minutes. The taste could be quite unpleasant but it helps in stifling that cough that you are suffering from
The Germans truly believe that thyme is the best remedy for a cough. The leaves of thyme possess certain cough-suppressing compounds that help soothe and relax the throat muscles. You could always add a few leaves to boiling water and have it as a tea for immediate relief.
Black pepper is also considered by many as a great antidote to getting rid of coughs. It helps stimulate circulation. Make a tea with black peeper and some honey with boiling water. Strain the tea and then sip it and feel the relief. However, this mixture is not really suitable for dry coughs.
If you desire quick relief from a cough that is causing your discomfort, then squeezing a fresh lemon in your mouth is the best remedy. However, the taste is quite unbearable as you will need to add some black pepper and salt to the lemon before you suck on it.
One of the other good cures for a cough which has been used for centuries is to drink a cup of hot milk with some honey. This will give you relief.
Grind some almonds and add orange juice to it for fast relief from coughs. This remedy has been passed down from time immemorial and serves as an effective cure.


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