8 Causes Of Bad Breath You Should Know About

bad breath
causes of bad breath

Different people from different locations around the world call it bad breathe but medicine and science has named it halitosis. Whatever the name should be I bet you it is not what anybody would like to experience. You must have woken up from sleep and something moved you to speak, exhale or whatever, with your palms around your mouth? The awful odor that oozes out is almost normal if the odor disappears after you have freshened up for the morning by brushing your teeth and cleaning your mouth. You must know that the rate of flow of saliva decreases during sleep and saliva helps with its cleansing effect to wash away and kill bacteria in the mouth. But in its excessive absence, bacteria’s build up is tremendous which will cause the early morning bad breath. But in the case whereby the bad breath continues immediately or few minutes after you have brushed; that is when you should raise up the red flag. Also, if you experience this condition often, you should also raise the red flag up higher.

Bad breath can be so intimidating, embarrassing and tend to make you miss out on most of the good things in life. With bad breath, nobody will like to stay around you; of course who will feel comfortable doing so when the smell from the mouth is like a time bomb that just blew up.

Okay, enough with the talking let us go over to the subject topic. So, what are the causes of bad breath that are putting so many in such an unwanted dilemma? I have got about eight (8) of them here, although there are a whole lot of them but i think this are the prime causes of bad breath and I am going to list them out. Knowing the causes of bad breath also called halitosis will go a long way to help you figure out ways to prevent and treat this embarrassing condition if the case applies.

  • The type of food you eat:

Inasmuch as some foods are very important for the growth and development of the body. In some cases, they can also be seen as enemies because they are a contributing factor to the causes of bad breath. Such foods, like garlic, uncooked onions and others will make your breath bad and unpleasant. This foods after being digested has a way of moving away from the bloodstream, diffusing together with the carbon(di)oxide during expiration into the alveolar sac in the lungs and out through the  air pathway to the outside world. It is not that the smell they produce is that bad but it can never be pleasant to anybody’s sense of smell.

  • Poor Brushing Habit:

Brushing your teeth is a common everyday habit. Most people think  they can brush but in real sense they don’t. Brushing your teeth is not all about moving your toothbrush headed with some pastes toothpaste all over your teeth but like every other daily activity it has its own method and if not followed properly you might end up thinking that you  have just brushed your teeth while in real sense, you did nothing. The right way to brush your teeth

  1. Clean the outer surface of your upper teeth, then the lower teeth
  2. Clean the inner surface of your lower teeth then that of your lower teeth
  3. Clean the chewing surface
  4. Be sure to clean your tongue properly as that is the most important part

You should try to replace your tooth brush every three months or if it starts to wear off before the three months range.



  • Smoking Indian hemp or cigarette:

Smoking Indian hemp, cigarette can also be a contributing factor to the causes of bad breath and it also changes the color of the teeth. Read:

5 Reasons why Many Smokers Will Die Early While Few Others Will Live Longer. The cells in the mouth are killed due to the heat and when they decompose they produce the awful odor. Also, cigarette smoking dries up the saliva in the month.


  • Gum Disease:

Gum diseases like gingivitis can cause bad breathe, to treat this type of bad breathe caused by a gum diseases you have to first of all treat the gum disease. Gum diseases caused by infections have its origin from an injury to the gum and it is common among children and mostly caused when using a tooth brush that its bristles are hard.


  • Yeast Infections Of The Mouth:

Certain mouth infections like the yeast infection that affects the mouth and be contributing factor to the causes of bad breath. Infections increase the population of bacteria in the infected part of the body and while the infection is in the mouth the increased amount of bacteria will cause bad breathe.


  • Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

Just as I stated above that saliva helps to wash away and cleanse the mouth from bacteria. It also washes down dead and about to decompose red blood cells. Any factor that decreases the level of saliva in the mouth by making the mouth dry is an additional factor that can be the cause of bad breathes. Smoking makes the tongue dry, alcohol also does the same, some diseases do that too and I know of one called sjogren syndrome or scleroderma syndrome.

  • Disease

Certain diseases like pneumonia, kidney problems, liver problems, acid reflux and diabetes can have bad breath as one of its symptoms.


  • Eating Late At Night:

Some people take their dinner very late. Some take their dinner and zoom off to sleep immediately. When this happens the body finds it hard to digest all the food particles and before dawn the undigested food must have gone so bad inside the stomach. The effect is a bad breathe.


If you are suffering from bad breathe, before you conclude to see a doctor, try examining and making changes to your every day hygiene, try brushing twice daily, and if possible after eating, using dental floss, drink plenty of water and if you are a smoker, quit smoking. After all this, if the bad breathe continues, you may consult a dentist who will examine you and diagnose you of any further causes of bad breathe, which will also include most of the points I have stated above, like the disease, yeast infection, the doctor might advice you to do a full colon rinse to detoxify yourself of the toxins that might be causing your bad breathe. Whatever the cause of the bad breathes may be. Knowing the cause and origin will give you something to hold on to when seeking for a solution.



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