Still Biting? 8 Tips To Stop Biting Your Nails



I can still remember vividly, years back. I will gnaw at my nails almost everyday, eating out even the last tip and when I can’t get to the nails any longer I will venture into biting the flesh on my fingers. Then, I never used a nail cutter to handle my nails, I will prefer using my teeth to trim them off. The most annoying part is that it makes my fingers nasty and unkempt. I continued with this bad habit right into my late teens and eventually got my sanity back and decided to put an end to it. These are the bold steps I took to stop the habit.

But, before i take the vault into telling what I did to stop mine let me expose you to the already observed reasons why people gnaw at there teens.
It is out rightly normal for children to develop this habit likewise the habit of sucking of fingers. The child is supposed to drop the habit automatically while growing up but when he/she doesn’t, it might then be caused by these problems.

  • Stress And Boredom:

Research has it that, stress and being bored is the apex reason why people bite their fingernails.

  • Genetics
  • Frustration and loneliness
  • psychological condition:

Research also has it that biting your nail in teens and adults is linked to some psychological conditions like, obsessive-
compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),
oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), separation
anxiety disorder, bed-wetting, adjustment disorders, dissociative disorders, etc


Nail Biting Treatments

  • As  biting your nails has being linked to stress and boredom, try to use another technique to manage your stress. I suggest yoga, breathing deep, squeezing a stress ball and any other stress handler technique you can come up with. When ever you have the urge to bite your finger, perform this task instead.
  • Keep your mouth busy to cut down the amount of time you take on your fingers. Carry around a water bottle. Bring water with you wherever you go so you can always take a sip of water when you’re having the urge.
  • Coat your nails with a bitter-tasting nail biting polish. This will always discourage you from biting your fingernails. You can also use a regular clear or colored nail polish to prevent nail biting.
  • Keep nails short. You’ll have less of a nail to bite. Note: make sure you don’t start going for the flesh on your fingers. If so….
  • wear gloves or adhesive bandages on the tips of your fingers so your nails will be covered by something and won’t be accessible to bite.
  • After some weeks, 2-3 weeks. Remove the bandage and see how beautiful and tall your nails have grown. Take a picture of them and paste around your room, most people will be motivated to stop mutilating their nails since it will make them look nasty again.
  • Go for manicures. For most people, If they spend the money to keep your nails looking attractive, they will think twice before biting that same fingers again as they are now conscious, money wise what they spent to get the fingers as attractive as it appears.
  • Finally, what really helped me stop biting my nails was the fact that it will only expose me to infections, as the hands and fingers are always laden with micro organisms we pick up while touching objects and people.

Okay… We stop here. It is now your turn. Have you being a fingernail biter? Are you trying to stop yours? let us know the techniques you know that i have missed out on the post.

Remain blessed!


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