Natural Weight Loss With African Mango Seed Extract



The mechanism by which excess weight is lost is to burn more fatty tissues in the body. The fatty
tissues that is maltreating and hiding away your awesome beauty and shape can be ejected through many methods. Ranging from exercises, supplements which includes many  forms of  extracts and supplements. Most of them are  natural fruits and plants in the form of extracts or food supplements while few others are synthetic chemicals which i cannot recommend my dear readers to patronize.

Now, you are now left with the choice to decide. The one you decide to take up after making your weight loss plan will depend on the base that you consume nutrient ladened  foods that will help you to stay healthy and also feel full and thus satisfied.

While setting up,  making your weight loss plan i will like you to take a look at this, you know, Most weight loss supplements comes with heavy side effects, most of them will increase your body metabolism in other to increase fat burn and end up in one  way or the other causing more harm than good. Before you go for any weight loss supplement endeavor to look out for the possible side effects and the possible ways to avoid them. I love to use, prescribe and promote health products tagged natural because they come with little or no side effects. Most a times the side effects surfaces when you use them the wrong way or without a good prescription from your doctor.

I am one of those few individuals who believe nature has provided it all for us, i believe all the ailments that man is passing through, about to pass through or have previously passed through has its remedies hiding somewhere inside a particularly plant. It is now left for us to unravel this hidden powers and employ it either raw or processed to solve our health problems. Some of this hiding powers in plants have being unraveled while some are still yet to be found by the numerous researches going on day by day all over  the word.

Among all the plants that their  hidden powers have being discovered is  that of mango. Yes, i mean the mango you and i eat almost everyday.

Mangoes are juicy, sweet and fleshy fruit. A rich source of fiber. Its high  fibre content helps in proper digestion and metabolism of food which aids in maintaining proper weight because  its  consumption can satiate the consumer and can make the stomach full for a long time.

It contains numerous nutrients that benefit man’s health in so many ways. They contain antioxidants in form of a carotenoid called lycopene,quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid and methylgallat which are all effective antioxidant.

It helps in making bones stronger because  it contains minerals like calcium and magnesium as well as B vitamins. Mangoes are low in calories, they  do not contain sodium, fat or cholesterol.
Mangoes have a high content of beta carotene and they rank among the top providers of beta carotene which helps to reduce the risk of cancer. However they are also a great source of many nutrients in the concentrated form. Daily consumption of mangoes make the skin complexion brighter and makes skin softer

All this and many more are the health benefits of mangoes. But what  i am going to discuss with you today is that of the idea to consider African mango seed extract  when making a weight loss plan.

Using mango for weight loss also includes taking african mango seed extracts. Research has shown that a particular specie of mango from African. Only grown in Cameroon. The seed of this specie of mango called (Dikka nuts), contains an extract which helps people to lose weight. Doctors advice that this African mango seed extracts should be taken in a supplement form. In which the mango seed has being processed for you together with other parts of the mango and made available for your consumption inside a bottle.


The same studies carried out in this field show that the supplement helps fat people to become more sensitive to a hormone called lepitin. The hormone controls the storage of fat in the body, especially around the waistline. The mango extract helps such people to overcome their
resistance to this hormone. Thereby helping them to lose weight.  This mango extract can be purchased online. Good for obese patients and people troubled by their weight.



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