8 Foods You Should Stay Away From This Season



As we all know, we are in the heat period, achieving your Weight loss success depends on three things, the difference between food, metabolism and energy  expenditure.

The food you eat can increase
the amount of heat your body generates as it digests it. Like the working mechanism of a petrol engine, The amount of heat released during this process of digestion and metabolism determines the energy expended or calories burned. So it is imperative to avoid consuming foods that generate additional heat within our bodies.

Avoid Spicy Foods:
Consider it suicide eating a meal without spices or not enough to spice up the food, more especially onions and other must added spices. But if you are up to loose weight, you should know that excess spices in food produce a lot of heat. So, adding excess spices can interfere
with our thermo-regulation and hinder our weight loss process.

Non- Veggie Foods
You could have asked your doctor why he asked you to stay off red meat, chicken etc. This is because the amount of heat produced by proteins is higher than that produced by carbohydrates, fats and every other class of food. Protein thereby requires more time to get digested then enough heat is
released during digestion of Protein. Remember effective Weight loss depends on the difference between food intake, its metabolism and energy expenditure.

These cereals are polysaccharides carbohydrates, which carry a lot of dietary fibre, hence their thermo-genic effect is higher on the digestive tract. More fibre assures a healthy gut
but at the same time requires more water to ease the bowel movements and h toxins.
Enzymes needed to break down the cereals are made of water. These cereals will cause
dehydration if eaten in this season, if water intake is not increased. Having cereals like long grain rice and whole wheat will be less stressful
on the system.

Reduce The Intake of Thermo-genic Fruits
This tropical fruits like mangoes are full of antioxidants, very good for the body but should be consumed in moderation. Even  though they are packed
with vitamins, it is best to consume them in the
morning because they have a lot of heat so they create more heat in the body.

Tea and coffee:
Tannin and caffeine can act as stimulants but also are diuretics; depleting the body of a lot of
body water through increased output of urine.
Addition of sugar or sugar free sweeteners causes additional dehydration. In this season,
the humidity is challenging on our water balance and consuming excessive tea or coffee can put it off furthermore. So, excessive amounts of tea and coffee should be avoided.

Dry Foods
Drying extracts water from food and restricts the activity of microorganisms. So, dried fruits like raisins and figs should be avoided and instead whole fruits should be consumed.

Oily and junk food:
Too much of unsaturated oil and grease can affect your intestines, which leads to poor absorption of nutrients and water. It can also cause stomach problems like diarrhoea, which can lead to
dehydration. So eat more fresh produce like vegetables and use saturated oils which contains “healthy” saturated fats which are broken down by the body and converted into energy, rather than just being stored in fat cells.


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