6 Ways Your Menstrual Flow Can Determine Your Health Condition



Every month a matured female expects to see her period right? Which after it fails to surface most of the females will become worried. This time around, when it shows, don’t just flush it down the toilet or dispose the stuff as you guys do… I don’t know how. But try to take a closer look at it, the feelings you experience during the flow because it might be having some information about your present health condition.

1)      The Period’s Pain:

Most women experience some pains during their menstrual flow, they call it menstrual cramps but medicine called it, Dysmenorrhea. It is quiet painful and it occurs due to the shedding of uterine lining during your period. The shedding occurs due to the excess secretion of prostaglandin (hormone involved in pain and inflammation.

When the pain is severe and occurs right on the lower abdomen, it can indicate a more serious health condition called, endometriosis, which is the situation whereby the woman’s uterine tissues grows outside the uterus, typically in the pelvic area.


2)      Flow Of The Period:

A normal, and healthy period should exterminate an average amount of blood that is less than one cup. Some women can experience heavy bleeding but most of them can lead to some other health conditions, namely, anemia, fibroids, polyps, tumors in the cervix, uterus or endometriosis. They occur mostly in women that are above the age of 35years.

Hence, women who experience a smaller flow during their periods could either be going through hormonal changes, poor nutrition, and stress. These is mostly seen in women who are approaching peri-menopause and menopause.


3)      The Frequency of Your Menstrual Flow:

Does your period flow frequently? I mean does it flow during the time it is supposed to flow? Because reports from Mayo clinic stated that the frequency of your menstrual period is a good indicator whether your health is okay or not. From calculations, menstrual flow is supposed to occur every 21-35 days and last 2-7 days, it usually shortens and becomes more regular as you approach menopause.

Irregular menstrual periods in matured females above teen age should be taken serious, inasmuch as it is normal to many women, but you should consult your doctor as quick as possible because it may be due to some extreme weight loss, use of certain drugs, stress, and mostly pregnancy. Excessive drinking of alcohol will cause damage to the liver and alter its mechanism of metabolizing the hormones, estrogen and progesterone, this might also cause irregular menstrual period.


4)      Color Of Your Menstrual Period:

Though It will never be a pleasing site to behold the substance but taking a quick view in knowing the color will do you more good. It will help you know more about your health


5)      Bleeding After Your Menstrual Period:

Bleeding after period mostly occurs to women who take birth control pill. Women who bleed after their periods should consult their doctor as it is abnormal.


6)      Total Absence Of Your Menstrual Period:

When these happens, confusion sets in and the first thing that gets to the person’s brain is pregnancy. Most a times the condition is way beyond pregnancy but other numerous health conditions including:

Brain tumors, Overactive thyroid gland, or reduced function of the ovaries.

Birth control pills can cause absence of menstruation, hormone injections, women who are obese or exercise a lot are likely to experience these.

Just patient and observe for some time as it may bear information about your present health condition.

Remain blessed!


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