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Your digestive health is more important than you might think. Good digestion is necessary for optimal nutrient absorption. When nutrient absorption is not optimal, every part of your body can suffer, including your immune system. If you frequently have colds or other minor infections, the cause could be poor digestive health. There are ways to improve your digestive health naturally. Here are 5 tips that work for everyone.

Eat More Fiber-Rich Foods
Fiber works in several ways to reduce bloating, constipation and straining that may lead to problems with hemorrhoids. Fiber absorbs water which makes the stool softer. Fiber also adds bulk giving the muscles of the digestive tract something to push against. An added benefit of soluble fiber is that it lowers blood cholesterol levels by absorbing cholesterol from the digestive tract and carrying it out of the body.
Fiber-rich foods include whole grains like oatmeal and brown rice, whole fruits and vegetables, especially the skins, and most nuts and seeds.
Lose Weight
The best thing that a person with acid reflux can do is lose weight. If you are not overweight, then there are still ways to reduce your symptoms naturally without medications that can interfere with protein absorption.
Extra weight in the abdominal area puts pressure on the diaphragm and the stomach. Abdominal fat can push the stomach’s contents “up” causing reflux.
Eat Smaller Meals
The stomach seems to have been designed to operate on smaller meals, not the large meals that many people consume three times a day. Eating 6 small meals, rather than 3 large ones, can help to keep your blood sugar and energy levels too.
Large meals cause a bloated and uncomfortable feeling. Lots of food in the stomach increases the risk of reflux.
Drink Plenty of Fluids
Fluids help prevent constipation and prevent dehydration when you are suffering from diarrhea. Clear fluids are best with water being ideal. If you add fiber but don’t add water to your daily routine, you may still be constipated. The fiber has to have something to absorb. Fiber supplements like psyllium husks can actually cause intestinal blockages if there is not enough liquid present in the person’s diet.
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